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AWC Vienna 2014 - Gold for VNQ Riesling 2011

Goldmedallie Vienna 2014

Our VNQ Riesling 2011 was honored in September at the International Wine Challenge AWC Vienna 2014 with a gold medal. In the category Riesling he received a high rating among the top international wines.

The exclusive accessories VNQ our Riesling. Select a category to learn more:

Riesling Flasche

A bottle with timeless elegance and slender


Traditional printing with three different techniques


A high-quality natural cork ensures the wine


A long gold capsule of tin crowns our Riesling


Here you will find our vintage wine data sheets


Made to measure - Every detail carefully selected

Ordering VNQ Riesling

The new VNQ Riesling of 2013 can be ordered as of November 2014. Depending on the year and in order to maintain the high quality standard there will only be about 320 bottles in one production. Reservations can be made ahead of time. Please state the number of bottles including the reference number (001 – 300/2013) when you mail your reservation. Each VNQ Riesling bottle is an exclusive product with an individual bottle number, map of wine area and Certificate.

We do not deliver alcohol products to people below the age of 18. With your registration you confirm that you are at least 18 years or above. Our deliveries will be posted with the proof of the recipient and can be followed-up by confirmation of the recipient’s signature.

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