VNQ RIESLING | Die Fasslage bestimmt den Geschmack
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The Barrel

VNQ Level zones in barrel

Zone 1Bottles No. 001 - 100100
Zone 2Bottles No. 101 - 200200
Zone 3Bottles No. 201 - 300300
Zone 4Bottles No. 301 - 400400
One important point for a wine connoisseur is the marking of the level zones in the barrel. The marking is divided into 4 zones at the various levels in the barrel. Each bottle of the VNQ Riesling shows an individual number of level origin.

The bottles with the numbers 001 – 100 were filled from the highest level and those with the numbers 301 – 400 from the lowest level in the barrel.

The concentration of aroma and small mineral micro particles of the VNQ Riesling in the various barrel levels differs due to their specific weights. There are some very fine differences of flavour due the various levels.

The clear golden colour – the visible identification of a Riesling – varies in transparency depending on the density of aroma and micro particle structure from the various levels in the barrel.

VNQ Riesling - The taste is determined by the position in the barrel